Special Guests Reality Show is a work in progress by Framework and Ben Hudson. A live and streamed part installation, part gameshow. Your participation is most welcome

What would you be getting up to if you weren't getting up to what you are getting up to right now?

Hello and welcome to Special Guests Reality Show. I'll be your Host for the duration. Thanks for joining us on our journey. There's a signpost up ahead.

We stopped here just for you.

'We were looking for our other selves and a place they could belong'

You are invited to the Special Guests Alternative Reality Show, a work in progress for an on line durational performance where your participation is most welcome.

'In another world we found our lost memories and became exotic dancers, saved lives, forgot to return our library books and the things we said to hurt one another. We became beautiful losers, happy fatalists, and superheroes on our days off. We tried to write songs about the hopes and dreams of strangers we'd never meet. We grew old and lived happily ever after in the shed at the bottom of the allotment, and we wondered what had become of you in another world?'


We wondered what you might look like on the other side...peering out of the little yellow laundrette along the Old High Street with the news that the old fairground was still giving you a ride even though it had closed down long ago...


GEEK festival, Chatham
Jarman Studio, University of Kent
Quarterhouse, Tontine Street (Installation)