we took some signs for a walk around the city

This is an evolving alternative street sign project revealing something of the inner landscape of place.

We rename our city streets by day and by night we revisit them in our dreams.

Some of the places we have visited along the way are:

Wise Words Festival
UCA, Canterbury
University of Kent Jarman Studio
Sun Pier House, Chatham
The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge
Folkestone Quarterhouse, Tontine Street
Previously unnamed roads and the park whilst walking the dog

Up hills, into caves, over sands and through the fractured narratives and unconscious maps of our comings and goings.

How we know place is different for each of us but what if we could name our streets after how we felt about them? What if a place had no name, just a sign to point the way?

We took some signs for a walk around the city looking for encounters, no matter how brief, possibilities, no matter how infinitesimal and we noticed signs of absence, belonging, someone else's beginning and ending.