“What happens in book club, stays in book club” A big book, shelf three, isle four.

The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge 6th June - 16th July


Something has awoken in the library, something off the shelf, something made of fiction or non-fiction, something from the travel section maybe, something full of dust.

"I think I sound better in hardback"

'Something Between Us' is an installation exploring our relationship with the physical book and the library space. How does a book's form, its smell, and where it is read affect our experience of the text as we flick through multiple adventures, golden nuggets of information and adopted identities? What of the thumb smudges, creased corners and dribbles we leave behind?

The physical book is a living archive of our comings and goings, reminders of special times, feelings, brief moments shared and otherwise forgotten.

And what about the library space? That strange twilight zone where chance encounters between the other you's (and them's) take place between the tenement isles, in secret, in public. Ever felt like you were browsing in some kind of slow motion deconstructed Busby Berkeley routine?

“Welcome to the library of unspoken possibilities” A medium sized book, shelf two, isle five.

Including guest appearances from a case of lost property, the missing pages washing line, the exhibit of forgotten and found books, paper planes in search of a happy ending, index cards from the twilight isle, the remains of an evening spent in the self-help section, a returning herd of used pages from a long forgotten book on Origami, and interludes from whispers from the audio library: conversations between books, voices from down the rabbit hole and sounds from the quiet shelf.

The installation takes place during library opening times. Who knows what goes on when the lights are turned out and the doors are closed.

Previous venues:

UCA Canterbury 2015
King's School Library 2016


"You can have me, all of me, one page at a time"